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Center office
Esenkent Mh. Barajyolu Cd. No:30
34260 Ümraniye – İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90 216 364 92 91
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Mermerciler O.S.B. 14. Sokak No: 1
Köseler Köyü Dilovası – Kocaeli / TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90 262 728 15 42 - 43 - 44
Faks: +90 262 728 10 24



Our company, which manufactures boilers and pressure vessels, has been continuing production in our new factory in Dilovası since August 2012.
Among our manufactured goods, Steam Boiler, Superheated Water Boiler, Steam Generator, Thermal Oil Boiler, LPG Stock Tanks, and their auxiliary equipment can be listed.
Our production is concentrated in the manufacturing of steam boilers. Our Steam Boilers have considerable references in the Middle East and CIS Countries with regard to manufacturing, sales, and installation. Our company, which has become a wanted brand in projects thanks to its sales and after-sales services provided in these regions, increases its market share with each passing day.
We follow and apply the latest standards issued for steam boilers and boilers, and we revise our manufacturing technologies in this respect. Our Steam, Superheated Hot Water, Thermal Oil and Steam Generators that have been operating properly for years are available all over the country.
If you need an Industrial Steam or Thermal Oil Boiler, please contact us


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